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tv   Planning Commission 111716  SFGTV  November 25, 2016 10:00pm-12:01am PST

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entirety to the west and east and all the way down to market street that is 50 city blocks and potentially thousand of properties it is different than 1028 a small national register and what about the pales claims compton's district is four blocks i urge you to look at the tenderloin but their applying for a district that is 4 blocks i think mr. nolte handed in i - what if they get their national status mr. mar tens said this is prematurely are we are doing this prematurely.
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>> - we have property in the information map system that tells us where the properties are at and don't believe that is limited to the smaller area which surrounded the compton cafeteria it is a large area. >> sure another question the building design criteria let's assume this is historic are there other historic designs. >> absolutely, absolutely we have standards by the secretary of interior standard for in fill development they should be comparable in terms of scale and mapping, materials and pattern etc. >> okay. and we heard mitigation being measured, etc. you're saying because there is no adverse impact no mitigation
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needed in terms of project sponsor taking actions around the departments offers. >> that's for the the impact therefore no mitigations. >> i have one question for the appellant mr. e line be is he >> mr. elbe so i went to the building and i'm a preservation i thought i took my phone and went downstairs and saw the basement and some old bolts and a safe you and i met he showed you the photos i said okay. we
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understood where something went wrong but my opinion of the building it didn't have the district based on the claim there rusty out the nest or whatever because nothing left a few things in the basement and a room in the 74 a room with some integrity any question my lens was the old privileged white man, i think you said you mentioned this standards when we met you said there was a thousand page document and we should be looking at 24 different where and what is that. >> yeah. he can pass those out. >> please. don't have the whole thousand page. >> give us the part that is relevant where. >> the obama administration
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thinks you are looking at this wrong and the other folks think you are preservation is moving in a different direction and distinctly i read out to you and can read out again integrity needs to be genocide by different measures the reason the commission is gufk no reason for the justification - >> you heard ms. tilly chang saying those are resources and contribute to a much bigger integrity and out of a much large pole than 1028 is acceptable but not significant. >> unfortunately ms. tilly chang and her department don't did i the jurisdictions one will
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be a national agree and the board of supervisors. >> you're looking for article 10 or a landmark district. >> we look at two different types of investigations what you're saying article 10 and the cultural district from the board of supervisors. >> a national district okay. >> i'll look at that and maybe have more questions. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you interesting interesting project so i will say, i think it is interesting to more more and more conversation at the commission level about some of the things we've heard about the preservation particularly how we intersect the location and the setting with a physical building which may not remain many of the characteristics at the time of the cultural significance in time so to me sxhifksz looked
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1028 market street that had a focused eir i looked another project that was semi similar one 10 embarcadero to me was similar conversation the building retained very few some of the physical elements but not many of the elements that recommended it's cultural time it was like the place in the longshoremen strike the strike began and went down market street and very historically event in the unions and all of that i looked at the language that was used and essentially the same significance criteria one events, however, you know didn't remain integrity or historical appreciation, etc., etc. for various other criteria including
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the architecture we held up that even though it had anymore physical characteristics of the original building within that space we did something with the project to maintain to and carried it forward to me, i'm challenged and now turning around and making a different decision for what appears to be a similar case where you have a safer setting the location and the events they're all historically and culturally significant to the physical building itself it does not have dignity and will be challenging to that think how shifting that physical building the way it is also carry forward the history in because of other methods he look at some of the names of the
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commissioners, i want our thoughts i wanted to bring that up i thought that was similar we uphold the negative declaration with the project, et cetera, and does took the measure to make sure that historical residence was moving forward in the future i don't see how i can make a decision without more information on this project. >> commissioner moore. >> the commissions decision on that project was appealed and the appeal was upheld so ultimately the project we approved did not go forward. >> not on one. >> on spear street and embarcadero. >> that's the site of the thought common wealth club. >> that was ultimately denied.
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>> prior that was a propriety ration it was a my comments on this this is the draft eir for 1028 has many residual questions on the documents very much was hard to understand without the maps and the proper documents was really applies here that particular confuses is this document as well with definite presentation to the lgbt historical district and us encouraging for that to be further pursued not using the same measures gives me at odds i don't have exactly the technical
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administrative this this is a very important street where the building relative to market street and relative to the theatre, etc., etc. are over arching themes he can assume that all the new discoveries about the lgbt district will be of equal importance so i personally do not see any problems to give this a little bit of extra time that means we will be pursuing that with the type of tools your currently proposing but i personally don't believe what is in front of us is complete. >> okay commissioner vice president richards and is mr. mar tens still here. >> no
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>> commissioner melgar we'll wait and here we go thank you, mr. martinez i'm assuming you've been following. >> i've been in the other room. >> i'm down to philosophical there this is adequate or not what kind of a district are relooking and the lens of that small compton's or larger lgbt tenderloin district where are your thoughts on that those construction of those in those two context. >> well, what we've been looking at and but we the people that signed the letter you've received including donna one of the authors of the context
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statement we've been looking at a small district and part of the difficulty is that to have a district you have to choose the theme and decide the history and how the buildings will reflect little district that's not been done this is a small district that's why that is preliminary the history has only recently gotten punishment is asking for more time to formulate the business is not asking too much and we can see whether or not moving 24 number of buildings have will have a damning effect on the direction. >> if you're on the historic preservation commission what would you ask for .
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>> well personally i'll ask for a altercated etargeted eir i war or not losing those buildings will be a significant problem for the district so that's what we're asking for is a little bit more time. >> what did it look like. >> we asked for 60 to 90 days i don't think that is unremarkable under the circumstances. >> it might be useful to do a targeted eir but considering the context statement as written i'm not sure that is necessary right now. >> so to the average person out through the context
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statement for lgbtq history that is an 8 hundred page document can we use this. >> that's part of the basis looking at this district i mean, that's like all 6 history you know. >> okay. >> so we're taking pieces out we want to focus around the transgender in particular i mean, that's the thing we have to formulate. >> where else in the city a citywide survey or context statement and pulled out a piece to go to context statement for lack of a better term. >> i don't know if there was - all of the surveys done for all the market octavia area and then we picked out the areas that are potentially the historic
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district and because of the survey. >> that's the general information for the whole city and now we're in the process of telling the story i mean there already is the upper tenderloin district so you know it mentioned compton but basically this history was not given receptionist you're saying survey data exists for the blocks but not adequate. >> it may - what's missing is the rational for the story for this district and looking at be these - there maybe information missing and more information to get on the particular buildings i don't know we have to look at it. >> i think the conversation has
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not been had to what extent will the loss of those buildings effect a small district that's the conversation we need to have so that's why we're asking for a little bit more time. >> one last question and i'll pass the baton. >> you're the project sponsor. >> no, no you're the project sponsor we'll give you the appellants and the appellants more time thirty days go by you start saying there is more than i thought and file an appeal and preserve our rights what's the difference us giving us times and the next time to do the study probably 60 days either way let the process move forward and you stop you want to do not process. >> well the thing accepting the negative declaration is
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you're basically accepting the rational and i have? >> of the negative declaration that all things considered this is not an important loss of resources. >> it, too early to say is that like i said you're saying it is not is a significant loss to the district those are judgment calls we're making a lot of judgment calls and i'll get through at the table you know so - >> thank you very much. >> commissioner hillis. >> so thank you it is always interesting to cap we don't have many prolongs in the tenderloin that come before us but are somewhat controversial given the rich
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context how culturally and sitting the tenderloin is we'll get to other issues that are extremely important in the tenderloin about affordable housing and how the project interacts with the streets in agricultural and things like that it is a great discussion on this on or about and highlight it i think in a sense this project as highlighted some of the issues we're currently grappling with we couldn't current have the way i looked at the p.m. m.d. is a tool for us to make sure we're moving forward with our eyes open on this issue you can look out it in context guess what, all the issues we look at you know, i agree a commissioner johnson graecht that with on the
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embarcadero it is different than our straightforward a significant district you've flagged and how we celebrate that so iization disagree are martinez we're voting whether or not this is important i think we agree even the p.m. m.d. with the work done and this is highlighted that this is for the question then is how given that it may impact the project or how we celebrate in recognizing the importance that was surrounding here so i think the p.m. m.d. now does a great job and evolved over time it gives us the information we need and the department is
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telling us those are important historical aspects that the lgbtq history here which we should recognize interpret but they don't believe these buildings on their own in the lack of kind of integrity that the businesses had in the buildings necessarily their loss will impact our ability to tell that story and that history this is where i think - you know the next question we'll get to if we uphold this is how we do that so to me on the document and the reaction to the document and the h.r. e is addressing and giving us this fox to take on the next issue of whether or not this project should happen in the form proposed or how it should
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be alternated in response to affordable housing so i think this a great study but we have to tool as far as the p.m. m.d. to look at that we're there that in the discussion. >> commissioner melgar. >> so i do agree with martinez in the framing the questions and also think that is somewhat arrogant to say we've looked at all these you know buildings and know what is going on a community that believes that the franchised from the communication coming and assessing that is our history we think there is something there so i think that the way we've looked at history and the
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historic preservation has in society in recognizing - so they were precedence are set and looking at again at the analysis you know are similar decisions in the past looking at throwing new eyes with new information leading to better decisions so i think there is not a historic you know - the negative declaration is fine there is - that harm here and that's precisely why i'll want to give time to make sure that we get this one right ones that is gone it is gone that's how i'm looking at it.
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>> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much i will add that yeah, he disagree i believe we're not north america golden state warriors this we need to be careful about again think about this way i go back to the embarcadero project with the negative declaration doesn't say this space is not important it assess that is important for a culturally and historically significant event and for a south but not necessarily the building itself in the mitigations in the p.m. m.d. laid out things to do to mitigate the loss of that hefty for every like in the p.m. - there are similar measures for this project and another thing we can consider within the project to maintain the history
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my mind and when we go to the p.m. m.d. my mind goes to the mitigations not good enough and need an additional analysis what are the universal mitigation that can come about you, do the project with the mitigations for those reasons i don't necessarily see that we'll get a larger mitigation than what we have with the p.m. m.d. i want to be careful in making sure that people commissioners had are supporting the p.m. m.d. i'm one of them at this point, i don't hear that we are in a gating the activity work to make sure that the history of this space this neighborhood and this city are you know etched in time
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those things are important but make sure we are also progressing as well and in building our physical space and living in the here and now i feel the p.m. m.d. gives us the tools to do both. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> one last bite of an embarcadero had to fronts are spear street two or three set the record straight street the workers we are killed in 1934 we struggled with that building with the resources because it appear to be historically to buildings there was the building on the embarcadero and the o1 steward street we built the building back and according to a secretary of interior standard
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no history with the royalties occurred outside the royalty they put a modern - open this side the historic side has it is going to retain the district the inside where the action happened is not so we didn't have anything to say about that but we have to look at the facade to be preserved because of what happened i'm not drawing the parallels my one on or about in this whole thing i mean yesterday came in urban design group in my mind thinking this is a slam dunk the one thing i can't talk about mitigations until i said impact the impact we looked at the through the lgbt tenderloin district this is small the buildings are
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potential thousand the registered certificates i don't know what it could be a bigger impact that's my one issue where i don't know what additional time will do survey the block in the eastern buildings convey you know i'm just not there on certifying this at this point. >> director rahaim all thanks a couple of thoughts commissioners i want to clarify that the mitigated negative declaration absolutely supports the idea of the district strongly a district as a member of the lgbt community i believe our willingness to move forward that's not say issue the issue is whether those 3 parcels or structures have enough integrity on their own and enough of an impact on the district to have
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an effect on this to move forward i'd like lisa and i'd like to take the opportunity in a it clarify questions for the record stonewall was more about the public spaces than the building and number 2 i'd like to ask about the smaller district this is discussed i mean if there is a bigger district presuming that will be eligible for the national register. >> thank you tina i'd like to provide more details about we're medicare's in the information spoke about in respect to the stonewall in the national register in the face of stonewall only the stonewall building was decimate the only structure that was part of that
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designation the history and the streets themselves that were in the vicinities of stonewall was part of nation but in terms of building only one building if i recall tina the historic preservation commission has on the work program the cafe which is a significant site that's actually there we are researching that for landmarks. >> i believe though i'm certain that was listed in one of the properties at the back of the context statement as precedent that is up for landmark designation. >> thank you lisa acting environmental review officer i want to add to this destruction a refresher on what the ceqa standards are for preparation of a environmental review and
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determining what is perry amenity information we've conducted a historical review a consultant prepared to research the evaluation and our staff exercised their own independent judgment and considered the potential for a historic district that in the tenderloin identified the potential was eligible for the lgbtq district we assessed what we thought what was chaefkz of that district especially the defining features and identified the 3 of the buildings on the site our contributors to that and we didn't find there would be a significant impact due to the loss of those buildings this is all analysis that is conducted in a standard manner that is appropriate for violation of law analysis the appellants have
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provided information and opinion there is maybe another district eligible district at presents and with an that maybe smaller in size we're at the point the planning department has prepared this preliminary negative declaration we priority our evidence to support our conclude about the project we don't have any evidence that meets the standards of substantial evidence to tell you there is a smaller district we're open to having that evidence because and to alternating our cleksz conclusions with this information at this point in time ceqa doesn't require that we wait and do additional studies for the historical it is common their eligible direction that may exist we're not
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required to conduct surveys to define precisely the boundaries of those districts or the record will reflect in order to make a decision on an individual project we've met the standards we need to today, this project wouldn't have an adverse effect on an eligible district and while their - it may be a smaller district we don't have evidence before us and we think that you know with regards it did decision on the open ceqa document we believe we meet that standard and the question of whether or not thirty or 60 or 90 days provides information if alternates our conclude i don't know but in terms of of the legal evidence as of right now you have the information before you to make the decision i believe will
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support this issue. >> thank you. >> okay jonas. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i guess you know for lack of anything better intentionally thirty more days will help. >> i believe that the question would there be substantial evidence ceqa independence substantial evidences that includes facts, reasonable assumptions predict dictated and expert opinion supported by staff the question whether this information can be generated in thirty days a report is present by an expert at the time of an appeal can look at i don't know how long that will take you, tell you jefferson it takes
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longer to review. >> that will be to have a report prepared if an appeal. >> you're talking about perhaps on appeal of the final negative declaration if we get to that, yes at that time, an appeal. >> got it. >> commissioner moore and mr. gibson the evidence by mr. nolte to mr. nolte those efforts are underway since 1995 do they wait is it not at all supportive of the idea efforts for a long, long time. >> i'd like to ask our preservation staff respond to the information that was in our analysis. >> can you speak to mr. nolte you talk about information appropriated with the appeal?
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>> no as an individual together with his brother are a businessman in the tenderloin in front of this commission for over 10 or 15 years speaking to 1995 has been concerted efforts to raise uncertainty. >> i'm sorry, i misunderstood the question with regards tattoos testimony provided before us is information we consider as we're evaluating whether the preliminary negative declaration was properly issued and the testimony provide by the individuals is their statements their opinions but in doesn't seem to meet the standard that is of the expert opinion afforded by fax to the level this is necessary to change our
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conclude. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> how many properties in that have been surveyed is there survey information conclusive. >> question had the. >> that's 25 listed in the negative declaration and that's correct and 12 or 13 identified as lgbt probation business and i'm sorry two block radius and 25. >> thank you. >> commissioner hillis. >> can i ask a question on the improvements measures first mitigation can you summarize for us the improvements measures here and or mediation measures
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related to the decision. >> hi melinda department staff there was an improvement measure that the project sponsor agreed to that improvement measure was to develop an trespass testify program for the former liability bars in the building on the project site and their relationship with the lgbt industry i mentioned in any presentation and indicated in the letter from shawn watson the project sponsor invited ms. watson to oversee the implementations of this improvement measure and focused to organize the concepts for the program. >> how does that relate to the development of the lgbtq district and commissioner vice president richards was talking about whether broader or smaller
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you know what properties and highway we continue invest that is that something the department is doing on their own? >> and preservation planner the improvements measure is it is for interpretations specifically but the idea to put together a preservation plan that could include working further with the community just to look at what this smaller or what a district looks like it and preclude that from the interpretive by interpret the histories of the properties on the project site as it relates to the site as well as to the neighborhoods and the larger city. >> in and that i mean, there's not a lot of discussion about a
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lgbtq historic district talk about the process of not to be developed you know in the boundaries of that and what properties are significant. >> well, i don't think it's not specific to the improvements measure at this time but something that they could choose to focus on as part of that work they do in evaluating you know what information to include and what to look at further. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> can you stay one second and ms. tomato he saw a movie on the conference riot that was kind of needed i dpng i don't know as a gay man that is groundbreaking and read books on stonewall there was sites after the riots people met and decided to take this action i don't remember it
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was the society versus the people they were kind of understood to be important living individuals gave us a history where we met i see in the context statement there are hours for little data that met in 1965 you'll not know what is special when you look at the survey have to blocks understanding the compton riot how much does the area play in terms of the aftermath so people resided in the streets it i get it we're looking at that what about the surrounding vicinity what about a property in the 25 properties you surveyed can you connect that for me or not. >> based on the research to date and included in the- context statement and the two
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blocks the short answer is no there - nothing is specifically came out or offset properties or uses or businesses that kind of had that gathering space or collective activity after or during an the riots. >> you'll think that something would have come up they're so close. >> correct. correct. >> jonas i think that. >> commissioners you still need to take action. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you not sure where we are before i make a motion i'll make one i'll say i feel like some of the concerns that we're dealing
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with really belong with the project not the p.m. m.d. so i don't think i'm supportive of continuing this item or not moving on this today, i think this is indeed adequate based on the information today and the question whether or not more can be done to improve the improvement measures that were agreed by the developer i believe in context of this i move to accept the p.m. m.d. >> shall i call the question? commissioners. >> yes. on that to upholds. >> commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar no commissioner moore on a commissioner vice president richards no and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 4 to 3 with commissioner melgar commissioner moore and
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commissioner vice president richards voting against. >> commissioners shall i call the question? or next item and yes and commissioners. >> (clapping.) >> excuse me - excuse me - we'll get through this faster with no disruption commissioners that places us on abc d for case 13 pca x and z for conditional use authorization downtown project authorization and zoning administrator will consider a request for a variance we have a large number of speaker cards commissioners. >> good evening march department staff the item before you a downtown conditional use
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authorization cu for 950 market street under the downtown project authorization it requests exception for ground level and wind current. >> tour bus loading spaces that requests a conditional use authorization to establish a hotel use to exceed the base floor ratio by the an onsite housing units and the zoning administrator is here he'll consider a variance to allow the upper loading assess on october 4, 2016, the board of supervisors introduced an ordinance supported by supervisor jane kim to develop which is relate to the developments of the development proposal and the planning code amendments are before the planning commission right now the project proposal will
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demolish 4 structures and construct a consulting that containing dwelling units and ground floor retail and that provides pubically assessable open space along turk street the proposed ordinance i do have a handout that was present by the your team i'll give you it proposes an alternative to the inclusionary housing requirement the ordinance will exempt approximately 26 thousand square feet of the project if pdrs and with the inclusionary housing and jobs housing linkage fee as well as waiver the requirement to comply that the non-portable water ordinance the
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ordinance establishes one 80 affordable housing fund to receive fee revenue dedicated to affordable housing authors the dedication of an landing to the mayor's office of housing and community development authors a ghetto of $2 million to the genesis street fund and provide did pardon with two option of developing 100 percent affordable housing with 60 to 70 units at the john's street site it authors the payment of 14 plus million dollars to the one 80 jones street fund and the second the project sponsor to develop a 100 percent project on jones street the ordinance assumes a job housing linkage fee of one $.8 million, however,
10:47 pm
this is inadequately calculated based on the proposed development the fee will be about one $.4 million and additionally did ordinance cantonese language to divert the linkage fee from the project into the jobs - jones street fund leaving the funds short by one $.4 million the ordinances will wave the requirement for compliance with the non-restricted portable water ordinance for those that need a permit after january 2018 this project some comply with the ordinance if doesn't tie the waivers of the planning code link excuse me - planning code requirement to the payment dedication of land and provision of pdrs units offsite the department buildings the language should be classified
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the waivers are contingent upon the provisions of bmr - for the housing units where the project sponsor constructs the units on jones street after this the department ask you approve the downtown authorization with exemptions and approve the conditional use with conditions. >> the department recommends the commission recommending to the board of supervisors that they approve the proposed ordinance with the following modifications the ordinance should be amended to reflect a payment of one .8 millions to the jones fund regardless of jobs linkage fee, the ordinance
10:49 pm
should be amended to be make the waivers contingent about the funds dedication of lands and the bmr housing, the ordinance should be amended to remove the exemption from the non-portable water ordinance, the ordinance should be moved to specify amis and should be computed in the sponsor elections to construct 9 project at one 80 jones street and additionally a clear timeline should be established but in which the on-street parking project must be permitted a contingency plan should be provided for the on-street parking project not delivered following the principle project project sponsor is present and has present a presentation i'm joined by members of the department staff jeff, dan, ann
10:50 pm
marie rogers to answer questions regarding the legislation and kate hartley is here from the mayor's office of community development and jane for the community health. >> project sponsor, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is joy i'm the owner and wanting of group i get computer thank you. >> so after harking i'm happy to see a roomful of people that is here to help make that
10:51 pm
project a reality good by our goal to create places where intervene liveability and walkability and art come together to create a dynamic 24/7 community we firmly believe that market street with this combination of housing puts out local retail and nonprofit hub has the ability to become a wonderful vibrant multi use designation. >> so group i purchased the seat until 2013 in response to a arts ordinary mixed use development we've been involved in the arts community and this project was the perfect fit with
10:52 pm
our philosophy our team commented to a extremely high-level of community development and outreach as you can see i know you have a packet but we we were reaching out to many dozens of consultant organizations and art and youth groups and neighbors and labor and cds public safety organizations and met with those who expressed an interest in to be inclusive as possible so i'm very proud of many communities benefit agreements we've reached with the most impacts by the future development our sheer goal to create a geography for those who live nearby the project and include them in the fire chief secretary you'll see here that the total benefits over 7 and a
10:53 pm
half million dollars which is on top of any other fees hotel taxed and others contributions as part of the project in all more than $26 million this is the next slide yes. >> so group i is contributing $300,000 to create a unique job training for tenderloin resident this program will be run in conjunction with the central sro collaborative's and youth development center to identify potential for employees provides removal classes and offer interviews with the future hotel additionally, we have as i understand a neutrality agreement with local 22 and using a general contractor
10:54 pm
sorry i have to read this so much that is important so - >> in terms of our key part of our community benefits package has been the development of a free nonprofit space at the taylor corner we looked at numerous nonprofit 150i9s and ultimately selected magic that had the ability to create a wide range of free and inclusive serving programs with their 50 years of existence they fit with a long time arts commitment to the site and have the ability to develop a sustainable program a local cafe partner will be identified which will offer reliable products to the community and the nonprofit patrons there by suhr the daytime and
10:55 pm
everything sites so in terms of lgbtq you know we've heard a lot of them today, we have also pleased to be working with shawn an lgbtq historic expert on the lgbtq interpretive program and charged shawn with pulling together the community advisory board on a contribute to the lgbtq history while the gay bars at the site closed many years ago we believe in the importance of how are you the lgbtq history of local neighborhood we have offered to provide free funding and programming support for yet to be identified lgbtq serving local businesses you know after the conversation today, i think what he want to assure - okay.
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>> do you think i should finish the presentation. >> (laughter). as i mentioned i have a strong passion for the art and proud of no matter agreement with the arts allows the fees to be dictated to the arts effort in the neighborhood and the balance of half of the fees will be used sovereigty we're the first developer to do that if we think the neighborhood around us is important, important why steve will talk about the affordable housing >> thank you. >> quickly commissioners before we go the architecture i the president to comment on the ordinance that supervisor kim has introduced as the staff mentions the linkage fee was even correct we ask you reduce the amount of jobs outside of the payment by $4. million, and, secondly, in disagreement the
10:57 pm
ordinance not be waived the one $.7 million is important to make the jones project work not would you tell us the waiver - but for the delays of the negative declaration we ask you make the recommendations to the boards i'll introduce the architect. >> i'll try not to take up too much of our time but quickly through the architecture an important site not only a bridge deny market street and others tenderloin neighborhood but we also see that has a gateway er introduction into the dealer and arts district with the theoretical and the golden gate theatre nearby as well and then quickly we want to focus on the ground floor we really wanted to make that connection between market street and turk street and do that by using the hotel lobby as a mid
10:58 pm
block passage that connects those two streets together we walk to the hotel lobby anchored by a open space plaza that pleasing is activated by tables and chairs on the turk side we're trying to envision the streets and give it more a pedestrian experience and providing open space on the rooftop that is also a lounge and open to the public on top of the hotel and provide a rooftop amenity for the residential portion as well this is part of exterior design the building we wanted to take cue from the surroundings facades that is primarily a masonry and punch window facade. the context of the building and
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we brought that into the project but want to give it some special a gateway into the arts district and so we applies more of a scoopal texture this is sort of our interpretation of what those punch facades were in the neighboring building and this is you 4i6r this is a flat iron registration and want to take advantage of that to announce the presence of a must building one the arts district here this is a view a residential side of the building and on turk street we worked with planning to get to a solution initially in december we had come to planning with a continuance wrap up around with ours
11:00 pm
encouragement we looked at a variance to try to differentiate in june at the bottom with a scheme that shows a blended scheme that transforms the residential facade into a more of a recessed and different hotel facade and then again also with the encroachment we took it further and do a we express the facade two completely things hotel and residential with that, i'll just leave you with some of the images going across turk street with go different facades >> sir your time is up. >> thank you. >> okay that concluded the project sponsors presentation opening up for public comment (calling names). >> commissioners if i may we
11:01 pm
network to introduce april who supported the legislation. >> good afternoon, commissioners again april i am here on behalf of the supervisor kim i know she'd be here if they were here but i'm here in her place and wanted to priority context for the legislation that is before you i think a lot of the issues about this project is really about how to develop in the neighborhood that is vulnerable to displacement not just residential displacement but commercial displacement and displacement of our cultural assets in particular in this site and in this area the lgbtq asset that exists and so this legislation came before us at the request of the community that is concerned with providing affordable housing that is relevant to the existing neighborhood residents
11:02 pm
the existing neighborhood residents felt that there was a need for housing that could provide a ladder to the existing community that could provide another opportunity and more, more affordable housing than would have been proposed if it was or would have been delivered if onsite this legislation attempts to address the housing piece of this project to make sure that the community can take advantage of this development in terms of its housing i know that the supervisor is committed to continuing to work with all the stakeholders obviously this is district 6 and everybody who is here or month everybody here have constituents and stakeholders in our district project sponsor the project
11:03 pm
sponsor supporters and from the previous discussion also the lgbtq community and so i think tour commitment is also to continue to have those conversations as this project how it moves in the legislative process i wanted to provide that. >> okay. thank you very much. >> any other presentations from staff or office okay so with our permission opening it up for public comment.
11:04 pm
>> good evening. i'm kevin the executive directors of the hotel council i have the prestige of working with the hotel and hotels in san francisco our organization and our boards fully support this project on 950 market street one of the things that is exciting a mixed use project in addition to welcoming the visitors it has housing and the art and nonprofits and retail in an area that needs revitalization so we think a way that group i approaches this in working without taking into account the full account how this improves the area hotels brings jobs into the neighborhood see this project is working on the jobs in the hotels it is something for us as an organization hotels
11:05 pm
bring a twenty-four hour activation had helped us in the neighborhoods well our hotel guests spends more money outside the hotel i've heard local businesses that will benefit from that and small businesses not to mention taxis and other businesses that will benefit from bringing in visitors and group i as i mentioned working with our organization we'll encourage you to move forward this and look forward to this project to help with the revitalization thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon my name is tim, i appreciate our attention thank you, commissioners i'm a 12 year
11:06 pm
retained leave live a block away i'm a member of carpenters local 22 i'm a carpenter it will help the community especially in the time we need more housing we want to see that press forward thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm carlo a field represent for carpenters local 22 i represent approximately 35 thousand xarptd in northern california also close to 4 thousand of carpenters are members of carpenters local 22 some of the members as you can see are here today, we are in full support of group i's project for the following reasons first and foremost to center a general contractor to build this this creates many jobs and pension
11:07 pm
funds for local san franciscans this project will serve as a gateway for san franciscans to enter in an apprenticeship that paves the career pathway it is projects like this it that gave me the opportunity to paved me the way to be here as a union representative speaking in favor of that project and finally this will help to alleviate much needed he housing with 32 hotel rooms and the development teams is dedicating their lands and providing fee payment and $2 million gift for the construction of 100 percent affordable housing complex that creates an additional 50 to 70 below-market-rate housing and this is a united balance of jobs and hoosiers that san francisco
11:08 pm
carpenters are ankle to build we irregular the planning commission to approve that project and push that forward today thank you for your time to allow me to speak in favor of group i's development. >> good afternoon. i have to say good evening this is - the local hotel union workers or workers the project sponsor has worked with our gown u union to would have a neutrality agreement that agreement is a protective the workers right to form a union without harassment hoping you'll hear anything a hotel project is up we've been an example for other developers in providing a path for workers
11:09 pm
to form a union that is a stable path for good health care and benefits and respected voices on the job port purview as you may know is the analyze of the quality of jobs and the impact of the given jobs on the neighborhoods and so infrastructure the purview of that we circle you to support in project and look forward it to be approved today thank you for your time. >> i'll call more names for the next banish (calling names). >> please line up on the television side. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is judy young i'm the executive director of the vietnamese youth center before i share what i received in the community i want to share
11:10 pm
a little bit about myself i came to san francisco as a refugee in 1981 we the on turk and las vegas worth i've been in the neighborhood for 35 years and seen first hand what living in the tenderloin is like for many of the 15 thousand southeast asians that came in and out of the neighborhoods limited hours and yerba buena support and limited access to social services so i - used to be a client and went through when i was 14 and helped me to get a job and go to college while i got in lived in the tenderloin we serve over nine hundred youth and families and people to speak in front of you today, i'm here
11:11 pm
to support group i's work we worked with them 5 years they've not only supported our programs with urgent youth doing art advocacy and showcasing through the youths eyes they will be supporting our youth with jobs our families, our young people that don't have the language capacity we're here to urge you to support group i's project thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> game-changer commissioners i'm chris with the vietnamese center the appointment project manager currently, we serve many in the neighborhoods and throughout san francisco almost 200 came into from the tenderloin itself first to the project not only helps the neighborhood itself but mobiles the community to center access to the jobs and training to the
11:12 pm
affordable housing opportunities so to represent a community that has historically lack of access and under employment and living situations there is up to 20 people in one studio bedroom we support this initiative thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> mr. gilbert. >> overhead, please. >> okay i like the project equip i think that is a big wall on market street i'd like to see that changed a little bit i love the mixed use hotel strangers in the neighborhood by healthy feet stepping on the sidewalks day and nitsd i'd like to change the
11:13 pm
article a tad whoops. >> go ahead am i short time. >> no. your good. >> communities i like two percent of people that will move on into the place those are low income affordable veterans that are basically homeless graduated fosters kids and seniors and section 8 those are part of community epa the tenderloin in the building now those will not think condo but somehow associated northbound and the next step up condos future police and fire and city and sewer workers and muni drivers and people that are part of city those are dedicated pots meaning if you don't have the right price on our condo they
11:14 pm
don't get sold the price has to come down to the people in the neighborhoods the next 5 percent is thirty percent san franciscans seniors that want to get out and get both a nice piece property 15 percent if you're a 20-year residents in the tenderloin those are dedicated homes again, the price is determined by what at the developer want and the communities can afford next step thirty percent this is 55 plus we can help seniors move out and in the next thirty percent open market the benefit of this all the property owners will lose their tenants as they move into this and those property owners
11:15 pm
can get a boost up by getting in any tenants at a higher rent and it generates a movement one the tenderloin that keeps 9 tenderloin part tenderloin thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon i'm loretta the artist director i'm hubd in support of 950 and in support of the space within at the beginning of any ongoing tenderloin listening tour trustee terrance allen shared the hefty of the neighborhood
11:16 pm
and even though first to tell me of a decade-long violation to get the neighborhood used an alternative path for the future that really spoke to me after graduating from college i taught in a future in miami and independence from - i witnessed the power of theatre to alternate the carriers 6 those young people's lives some are writers and painters some of them learned a trade and made a good life they gains discipline and a voices through theatre theatre cultivated their imagination to enlighten possibility and taught them compassionate our intention to make this revised vision a reality by making the largest
11:17 pm
concentration within the tenderloin magic lab offering them a home that helps them to homes on it is a public theatre with a 50-year track record make relevant and executive work with the world-class writers we work diligently in dialogue we need a track record of giving access to students young apprenticeships and those around the process are the first to be hired and employment opportunities that on stage and off and summer to add to the summer programs for the employment ofo students from the vietnamese youth center. >> ma'am, your time is up. >> you can submit that if you
11:18 pm
like. >> i'm a college theory project and a africa theatre employee i'm in support of market street magic theatre getting the space the reason why i left the college by chance i found a creative outlet and shortly i entered the magic theatre and never left owe - from that moment i had many roles students and volunteers and leading students after a season the development i thought invited to an artic slipper my season as is literary apprenticeship was incredible i learned about the daily tasks required to make magic happen but i had an opportunity to have
11:19 pm
shows i was influential selecting works for development and read more plays than my entire life the extensive reading by international playwrights and as a writer gave me a better understanding of the art throughth experiences he grew as an art i'm grateful this season i'm officially an employee he can't say express how it any time and create this as a theatre professional and deeply appreciative while magic is my home he hold positions at to the theatre companies including shock and berkley and a boon to theatre in oakland we believe this space will allow magic to impact many for young people
11:20 pm
affording us to the opportunity to develop our skill into the next generation of theatre making a thank you very much i'll call more names please line up on the tv side-thank you ver i'll call more names please line up on the tv side (calling names). >> hello, i'm a lady college theatre project alumni and a current production for magic when i entered laney college 3 years i found so much more in a direction since the death of my mother i found a passion part of family was the africa theatre i
11:21 pm
came in on a - i walked out with a good gpa vufb i made the stage manager whether i asked for advice she asked if i wanted to shadow her they introduced me to amazing artists and prepared me for the reality the shadowing as stage manager i produced two shows, etc. currently i'm managing my 8 show on eddie-taylor i've never felt so at home and learn something everyday and to change the subject this not just about me a lot of the work outside of the magic is from to the theatre i walk to and from work there is a deep desire for the productions that bring the people into the neighborhood we need to bring down the barrier between the neighborhood and the magic shows
11:22 pm
are popular in the east bay i have known about the tenderloin will appreciate the similar opportunity for inclusion thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon at the thank you for the opportunity to speak on behalf of and in favor of the magic theatre and the 950 market project i'm evan a three year san franciscan i work for salesforce as a solution developer and a trustee of magic clerk erica major college when i was a troubled youth not hellos e realizing how good i had it theatre was my family i support the lives role in the 950 market magic because of commitment to
11:23 pm
tackling deeply relevant challenging efforts to effect change our deep relationship with laney correctly is an example of larger commitment and magic lab is the extension of that program the allow us to embrace the tenderloin and the young people that participate like the wonderful young people will find their voices and part of our magic family i look forward to embracing them thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is bruce i've been working in the construction industry for over thirty years and lucky to work in san francisco exclusively associated with vefr over 5 thousand housing i'm here to speak on behalf of 950 clearly it is fantastic for
11:24 pm
the construction community and will create over 14 hundred jobs during construction it came back easily impact of the neighborhood can be easily made mitigated with the construction throughout the city that is common everyday through the project will entering allergies mid block and the tenderloin the hotel will deliver permanent jobs forever in that area a fanatic addition to the city the market-rate housing and the below-market-rate housing is socializing needed so i'd like to again support the 950 and thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon or evening now my name is chris thank you for the opportunity to speak i serve as a trustee on the san francisco art institute i've
11:25 pm
seen her commitment and living in the bay area i see development good and bad? one of the good ones people want to gain the system and fulfill their responsibility but by the same reasoning good development needs to be encouraged at 950 margaret urban renewable and community - commitment to the performing art and little commitment to a collaborative art program in the neighborhoods and preservation of lgbtq history, and a commitment to lgbtq business in the area and millions of for housing in the neighborhood in group i brings a mix avenue gender to the development gang is not the normal developer we believe this element in the team lends a
11:26 pm
sensitivity to the team that translates well, not the normal development you see a lot of sensitivity knowing nowadays people see this as a giant car sale and some are disappointed not enough room for all but this much that is positive and enhances san francisco do we patio need to improve this approach to a development thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> evening commissioners thank you for having me. and thank you, commissioner thank you for all your hard work for due diligence for the technology cattle's of planning in the city i'm donald i represent the party of congress and we support building more housing in the city and the bay area to prevent gentrification
11:27 pm
in the community and building that building housing will keep people here that have been here 20 to thirty years this project is a model to activate a log and contribute to the community such as two-hundred hundred plus residential units that adds to the tenderloin the local property owners supports the youth and families like the clubhouse for boy and girl and supports united playaz for the playstations in the soma and also their working closely with the tenderloin development project in the 2000 square feet size and the property owner will create the magic lab a tuition fee space to be trained as professional artists and acting on stage their e they've invest money in the program for
11:28 pm
residence of the tenderloin keeping people where they should be in the neighborhood please port this project thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening my name is joe i've been a san francisco since 2002 and been coming here for training i lived in the closest theatre not my type of theorist it is what it is the theatre has played a significant opportunity given me my first acting job being part of family is a gift that continues to allow me to express myself he stand here with any theatre family to support the 950 project and the magic theatre the africa theatre
11:29 pm
develops an inclusive - the arithmetic mission to have unique story telling voices that has points of view 245e produced a piece compromised of filipino actors and voices that my parents who - the magic and it's communities were able to reach a new audience a filipino audience that seldom came to the theatre a cultivate it is no stranger to outreach for the college in oakland attracts students the outcome is the same a thoughtful experience that resonates outside of the theatre box people will benefit if the
11:30 pm
theatre is able to activate the space please allow them to have a platform to create a place for story telling and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is paramount they've been part of my world it is time for me to do the same and support them thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm thank you for having us. to share with you i'm a proud career filipino born in san francisco and ample actor inform teaching as and kid i walked to through the tenderloin and my grandfather carrying a trumpet hoping to find a miami session from all walks of life into the streets i wanted to share stories like this people like me are not usually foorltd the
11:31 pm
opportunity to share the stories and as part of american community i structural to find a home to have a voice for people under recommendations africa theatre helps establish that voice and provided that voice that have otherwise been silenced what is more importantly they've given the opportunity to access art and artists that makes them them relevant magic helps with that, i feel a theatre should brighten the community that serves imp what t the theatre could do exists me for the - we need an ally to reassure the communities is not lost through the development the youth and people
11:32 pm
will experience the same actively creation of art together we can have justice and gain the skill to perform and it is my hope magic will be for more people like me. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening, commissioners i'm here in full support of 950 and magic my name is and kelly i'm proud to be the patron services manager for the theatre and a member of the africa family and honored to provide testimony for artists and activists and director of the 20 yields theatre he estates agency a native citizen and believable i'm appealing to your deeper
11:33 pm
sense of the arts in the citizens lives i grew up in the old mission district. >> sorry goose if you doesn't pull on it that will relax itself. >> it is also where i learned about responsibility our neighborhoods that get changes and bought and sold and stories about them how one survives and adapts by beyond sooifl thrive in our city we can do this through inclusion and gifts the intend to is full of hardships and possibilities still so i urge you now to invest in communities true community and the arts live art one of the realities ways to remember we're in the seam world together through story telling me telling the africa theatre is a lifework was it stands for
11:34 pm
anyhow reaching out into beating the tenderloin part of our city that gives us hope please weigh the power of omi o opening the doors not 40 23w50 grand the power of story telling magic has that and eve to give that why not want the magic theatre to be in our neighborhood and not share our spaces with the actual people of the neighborhoods that is what the magic is planning to do not while the story to be under represented which is what the africa will do and of the productions that can show the neighborhood give them a piece back to them with hope and possibility and community i know it can happen that happened to me so, please help make more of the opportunity witheatre.
11:35 pm
>> i'm curious us the president of the east tenderloin representing 15 hundred tenderloin residents and a long time tenderloin i live in an sro and on the steering committee's of the people's congress a coalition of residents only organization and here to talk about and one of the market street 950 coalition it helped with the agreement i'm here to speak in support of this project it is what the unique opportunity i can't think of any promotions that really actual residents like might have at the negotiating table from the beginning throughout the process to negotiate with the agreement
11:36 pm
and as representing how to represent the - we met weekly and had those members of the committee to negotiate and discuss the terms of this agreement and i was agriculture to take that information to the people congress on a monthly basis and update the residents on the status of new york city and that that feedback to the negotiating table and sit down with the developer and workout the terms of this deal that represents a board basis of the community and it's desires i you know things the core values affordable housing is much as possible in the deepest and the jobs for tenderloin we've also got communities serve appreciably in the liability space and for the communities serving nonprofit and a host of things a nice
11:37 pm
sizeable creating historical relevance for the lgbt i permanent respect this is been a long and thoughtful process and lots of engagement i urge you to approve this project. >> there are a number of speakers cards i still have i want to make an announcement in light overflow room 416 and a number of speakers in support of this project that have spoken wearing the stickers on our shirts i want to give an opportunity for those to make sure that everyone will speak to the at&t this late hour there is childcare if you're in support of this and want to raise you are hand go ahead and do so now - okay. great you still is where an opportunity to speak but make sure we gave that
11:38 pm
opportunity go ahead thank you. >> hello commissioners my name is gail and i'm also part of the 950 coalition i've lived in the tenderloin and reside and eagle hotel i'm a tenant organizer with the sro collaborative since allison park been in the tenderloin i've looked for jobs and few and far between at least good jobs when we heard about this project the hotel great jobs for the residents there in the tenderloin and then we heard they signed an agreement with the union we were excited we emigrate together and spent a lot of time and effort to train the people to be well qualified when the doors open in the hotel and luckily we have an excellent
11:39 pm
hospitality group that does training and good relationships with the hiring staff of the hotels and also, we have group i is spending an outreach program and training program so all of this fits together well and it is an excellent opportunity for the tenderloin resident to get good jobs we support the 950 group i project thank you. >> good evening commissioners i'm a san francisco resident and here on behalf of joe the director of trust arts commission she wants to have their statement delivered i wish to convey the art commission for
11:40 pm
the contribution to the public arts trust group i to the content for that being the first developer to propose oozed the trust to support the trust to access the public space and contribute to the this seismic time unquote is consistent with the developers in section 429 of the planning code it their contribution will be have a considerable impact in the tenderloin one that had support are temporary supports for the construction two group i project includes a nonprofit hub at the corner of taylor that will be utilized free of charge by a local nonprofit theatre location
11:41 pm
for youth and adults and provide a space foreclose theatre production and a amenity for the community 3 additionally a portion of one percent will be distributed there the arts process to support the art programming in the tenderloin group i project will significantly contribute to the vibrancy of the art community and set a precedent for other developers to follow the arrest reports thank you for your consideration. >> good evening, commissioners and fellow people i'm kim i'm also on the board and with three
11:42 pm
or four deft continent organizing groups i was privy 0 so some of the new york city and tenant one of the community meetings group i and unfortunately i don't have good to say i'm an artist in the community i have my own group i run each month and cove with another group tenderloin artist guild i preached the i grew up they knew about the area he was told that we were not orchid enough and that they needed someone in there an organization and brought in an organization not from the tenderloin and have not reached out to the artist of the tenderloin so i hope that will change now that they have gotten what we want you hope the affordable housing stacy affordable to those on the streets out through homeless
11:43 pm
because the pricing let's face that the lgbtq community it was about not losing a place but a place for gathering for people to have a $2 drink now that drink will be $20 really this is in the about the community this is about i grew up, i found about the community yes. i was attacked by an in house supporter my community came to my aid yesterday and people in any building the people outside of my community we fwartd together the real roots of people coming together and being about the real tenderloin i respected you but still not community oriented enough. >> thank you. >> good afternoon planning commission and evening now my
11:44 pm
name is kevin stall i'm a leader with the market street coalition i'm here in support of market project and talk about even though community space and southeast of turk and taylor 242000 area will be rent-free and helping the nonprofit for the lease terms for the next 10 years with an indefinite 10 year renewable the organization will activate the sfwrshgs of turk and taylor a hot spot for crime in a bleak place for years as a long time resident of this neighborhood for more than 10 years i've experienced the negative use of this space for a a long time until 3 years this area gradually approved and gotten more better with the new additions this dark spot will think brighter for the tenderloin resident i ask you
11:45 pm
commissioners to please port this 950 market street project thank you. >> good evening, commissioners i'm roy i work at the sro collaborative we're here to port in project a lot of things to be said about the development none can say the developers were not willing to listen to community needs i've watched over 18 months while the developers talked about with divorcing tenants and low income tenants our organization works with their remarkable responsive our tenants are not shows for development they're generally skeptical of development they've seen what unthoughtful development does the neighborhoods and many are homeless and only recently found sro housing it takes a lot in this case 18 months of
11:46 pm
negotiation the tenants were at the table with the developers not only always agreeing but willing to come to an agreement they fully support and endorse they figured what the potential consequences and how to make sure it benefits their community what they come to they feel exciting the housing piece alone promising to commit on behalf of with the city requires to create housing others one 80 jones they're working to make step up housing that is one of the opportunities to graduate the tenants to have their own bathroom individually the jobs pizza is unique this hotel can say thaim they'll hire tenants group i funds with $300,000 that
11:47 pm
is about outreach in the community and 4 raking reduce job track record getting good jobs we're tliefldz about those and more. >> >> next speaker, please. >> you'll call a few more names (calling names). >> hi, i'm if a library in suppor of the - i went through a bad
11:48 pm
divorce he worked for 25 years had my own home and it was all gone i slept on a park bench for two months i worked since 14 and never needed to know about that kind of stuff anyway eventually got into the sanctuary there for 15 months and into an sro where i'm at now i get despondent and hopeless you can't have kids your limit on guests and how can my daughter stay with me get depressed and a sense of hopeless ifness i was asked to join this project i finally had some hope in the fact of this
11:49 pm
step up program that they're trying to put in at one 80 jones this really gives me hope i may get a place were any kids can come and stay with me and be a family again so that's why i support that i think this project can really going to help a lot of people that there wouldn't be any other way for them to get ahead thank you. >> hello commissioners thank you for having me. i'm stephen tennis i'm a native san franciscan and been a resident for the 25 years and i'm in full support of market street had hentd to be one of 6
11:50 pm
residents on the 950 market coalition myself and dale and curtis and felicia and david and four other individuals and alexander for the last year and a half we've been in over hundred meetings with them our coalition 10 to 15 meetings with group i i'll thrill that is an exercise that is unique with the fact the tenants and residents led coalition and i think outside the box is really the first in san francisco to where residents actually had a voice in determining exactly what you, get if a developer that was a great experience
11:51 pm
thank you. >> at this point any other speakers want to speak on this item line up on this side of the wall. >> i'm the community organizing and planning manager at the tenderloin development corporation i'm speaking on behalf of myself my organization and the 950 coalition you've heard several members we're here to urge you to approve that project we believe by bringing the project to 9 neighborhood our more importantly bringing a suit of community benefits that have been forged through a community process over the past year and a half tndc we're not trying to chase anyone out the tenderloin is enough you've heard talk about renewable
11:52 pm
troindz is home to a lot of people that is important and the benefits that projects are hopefully allow more low income people to call the tenderloin hope we're proud of the benefit of developing 68 units of housing that will be more deeply affordable than if they're provided onsite we worked with them in the city and grateful for the win-win solution another community benefit we're particularly proud of is the construction mediation we own the hotel immediately across the street where hundred and 79 extremely low income individuals live and go up i were acceptable to deal with the commodity of a surely long process so we're proud of those benefits and proud of engaging in a process that puts tenant voices and tenants at the front we are
11:53 pm
grateful to them coming to the table and listening we urge you to approve the project. >> thank you next speaker, plea please. >> good evening i run the organizing program in the housing clinic today, i'm here to speak about - you've heard from our tenants leaders why we support this project i don't want to take up more time but we're proud of this process we engaged our tenant leader that live in the neighborhood to put their voices forward so we're proud of that and hope you approve this project thanks. >> thank you good evening commissioners i'm one of the leaders that she
11:54 pm
spoke about i'm also a trainer for the san francisco police department cit crisis intervention there is the first time ever in my life i've spoken if a in favor of a large project authorization especially i've never done it ever i feel the benefits we help to negotiate with group i justifies the development of this project in a vulnerable neighborhood in particular because of my interest in deesclation training i appreciate the owners willingness to provide the deesclation training it all the staff on the property and help to educate the homeowners about the kind of neighborhood they're moving into the fact there will be homeless people people about substance abuse issues and mental health issues the
11:55 pm
responded not to call the police but understand and work with the neighborhoods i appreciate that type of owner education that will be provided it is not that common right now and i think that i really think this developer has actually gone farther than many to address the community needs and negotiate with the community and really produce a meaningful project that will help people kids, adults, seniors and a variety of ways at one 80 jones and the deesclation training he support that and again i don't believe i'm up here assessing that i support that (laughter) wow. unbelievable i did it i said it okay. >> it's go good to know the
11:56 pm
mvp would decenturies 2007 turk and taylor oh, my god a disaster area i'm on the board of north america the tenderloin economic development project is our project we started by creating the tenderloin community benefit district we then turned our attention to the neighborhood needed on a 2007 maids the decision the neighborhood will benefit by the opportunity for the children to see something different out of their door auto out of their door and from behind they're back pack from school tenderloins arts eased theatre we started on a grand do so project and the recession and the big market and everything went crazy here we are today
11:57 pm
with a developer we vested and with we have been grabbing at the pot time a part of it was able to maintain a strong are theatre and arts component i think that's why my board started this project and started to look for a developer to make that happen i'd like to see is, yes all 10 of us are apprehends this project and it supports and i look for you to confirm and allow this project to go forward it is one of the last enterprises into the tenderloin let's make that great, thank you. >> hello, again corey smith speaking on behalf of the coalition and we've been following this site for a while and did a tour of this site we've watched this transform
11:58 pm
over a period of time it's been reiterated to want to fund an art district we're excited that continued with the vision here the transit you have a 3 part parking ratio considering the hotel and the sites it is pretty reasonable in our minds to the transit first policies in the city of san francisco the land dedication is a rare opportunity not to see changes and understand there is not going to be a ton of money looking at a few million dollars from the city to get the housing built we want to encourage everybody to doing everything we can to make sure the housing units come online and lastly i've been doing this a year and learning how the process works and how to get people to influence you you've not seen 24 many people speak in support of the project i'm here for most of beg ones i
11:59 pm
think this says something their efforts should be rewarded and ask you to approve the project today and is there any additional public comment? >> not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> and we'll open up to commissioners. >> commissioner johnson. >> okay. thank you very much really appreciate everyone who stuck around and gave comment today actually not that common that we get so much positive comments on large projects given continuing from our previous conversation about the tndc i have a few questions about this project but want to start off with that a continuation from
12:00 am
the previous conversation one of the improvement measures was to put in a deft element within the project itself to commemorate the lgbtq cultural sits of that area we want to project sponsor to talk about how they plan to do that and then i think we'll have other questions about the more generally about the project. >> project sponsor here? yeah. there they are >> thank you commissioners steve we're starting to put the interpretive program together were jan watson is working on that and convening an advisory group of lgbtq and interested parties not necessarily a plaque for interpretive gay


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